Discover our typical Dutch environment!

The typical Dutch environment of our park is extremely alternately, from beautiful nature reserves to protected village views, from long stretched beaches to cosy villages. In short, a holiday in North Holland is as varied as you want!

The beach, the sea and the dunes are only 10 minutes away by bike. Lovely for a day at the beach, a beautiful walk through the dunes or a relaxing bike ride. The cosiness of Schoorl, Callantsoog, Schagen or Alkmaar is nearby, nice for an afternoon shopping or a drink on the terrace. But also a day trip to Amsterdam or Texel is possible from our bungalow park in North Holland. We have collected the best tips for you and if you are at the park, you can always drop by the reception for more ideas!

Beach Pavilion NewZuid

Throughout the year you can eat and drink at NewZuid. The menu changes per season. You can quietly lunch and dine but for a drink or a snack, this is definitely the right place!



Cycling you get the best from the wonderful nature of Noord-Holland.


Wildrijk is a special forest. It is especially beautiful in spring, during this period the bottom is covered with a carpet of blue wild hyacinths.

Folklore in Schagen

Schagen is a provincial town with city rights dating from the 15th Century. At that point Schagen had already been a place of human habitation for 10 centuries.

Cheese market Alkmaar

Alkmaar is first and foremost the City of Dutch Cheese. During the season, from the first Friday in April thru the first Friday in September, this city hosts a traditional cheese market every Friday morning from 10:00 to 12:30 hrs.


Whereas Bungalow Park Campanula is situated in a quiet, rustic environment, the throbbing centre of Amsterdam is at one hour’s distance.