Wildrijk is a special forest. It is especially beautiful in spring, during this period the bottom is covered with a carpet of blue wild hyacinths. Here and there you can also find pink and white hyacinths with the fresh green of young ferns in between. In the summer it is cool and in the autumn there are many types of mushrooms.

From our bungalow park you can easily walk to Wildrijk. The forest is less than 5 minutes walk, the route through the forest is about 2 km.

The Opstapp-app

What could be more fun than going on a discovery tour of nature yourself? The forester has set out a treasure hunt. This route is via an app and this is fun for families as well as for eager adults. Find the points and answer the questions. What do you already know about nature?

Download the app from the App-store or in the Playstore on your smartphone. Download the route, turn on your GPS and make sure your battery is full. Go to the entrance of Wildrijk, when you are at the starting point, the points that you have to look for, will appear on the screen. When you have found a point, you will receive a question. Who knows how to answer all the questions?

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