Folklore in Schagen

Schagen is a provincial town with city rights dating from the 15th Century. At that point Schagen had already been a place of human habitation for 10 centuries. Now the town has matured into an important regional location. Indoor shopping centre Makado draws people from all around the town. The town is situated on ancient land of terpen [raised human habitats] created by order of Graaf (Count) Floris V within the Westfriese Omringdijk [ring dike]. Schagen was once a Vrije Heerlijkheid (Free Seigniory) ruled by a Heer [Lord]. The first Heer was William of Bavaria. He beautified the place by sponsoring a road and lane building and maintenance programme and by building the Schager Slot (Manor).

The olden days are still reflected in Museumboerderij [Farm Museum] Vreeburg, in the Church at the Market Square and by the facades of the structures around it. This (Dutch Reformed) Church is the second one on this site. The first one was destroyed by fire in 1895. This fire caused the permanent destruction of much that was of historical value in Schagen, for instance the tomb of the first Heer of Schagen. The current Church was completed in 1897.

During the summer months Schagen dedicates 10 Thursdays to Westfriese Folklore involving traditional costumes, customs and parades of historic carriages. On these days there is also the week market. The many restaurants and bars on the Market Square host numerous activities.

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